What We Owe Each Other?

  This is a You and Me Story... An Ethics Story. It is one thing knowing right or wrong, and putting your life into the good deeds, but it’s another to try to tell others what the real good deeds or bad deeds are. You see, it’s amazing seeing someone doing what the whole society … Continue reading What We Owe Each Other?


He Or She :A Dangerous Miracle!

He told me the sun is everything, A reason to be alive and see it, wake up and feel it, smile and tell others they shine in it or shine as it, that he believes a better world, and  that his heart proves it. He grew wise and older, to witness being mature, take everything … Continue reading He Or She :A Dangerous Miracle!

The Story Of Then: Our Magical Realm…

I wanted to set my memories down on paper, where I can hold them. This is no start,  Actually no story is the start, it's a Polaroid from the past. The past that marked a legend, or the greatest moment of all time. My story is big and not big at the same time, because … Continue reading The Story Of Then: Our Magical Realm…