My World is You: Bloom

In the morning when I wake And the sun is coming through, Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, And you fill my head with you Shall I write it in a letter? Shall I try to get it down? Oh, you fill my head with pieces Of a song I can't get out Can … Continue reading My World is You: Bloom


Paper Houses

THE STORY OF NOW: THE WORLD OF NOW! Okay so I’m kind always the topic, but I chose not to today. I’ve been talking to myself as much as it is weird, figuring the idioms that we are driven by these times, more specifically what went wrong with us. Practically, life to us has changed, … Continue reading Paper Houses

A London gallery!

So Last week i traveled to London with a special friend Coley, we had these great shots of some beautiful places in the city, unbelievable how we pulled it off actually but i wanted to show you lads what we did, so here's a couple photos from England! And finally the Author Patrick

I’ll tell my Crush

I’ll tell you you are beautiful because that’s all in my mind right now, I’ll tell you my feelings because I wasted a lot of time and I’ve had enough, You’ve been nothing but true, stunning and intimidating, I’ve seen you smile all the time, I’ve touched that light soft skin once, I’ve witnessed your … Continue reading I’ll tell my Crush