A Different kind of… Theory of Everything

Life is hectic. We are prone to live with what it brings, but most of the time we are bound to finding ways of controlling it, venturing on understanding the big and the small encounters we meet along. People like knowing the answers behind everything. Hence, you won’t mind me undergoing my new idealist thoughts of exploring this realm of unknown. If you are an adult of over 20 years, you will decide what to do with your life due to all the experiences or challenges you’ve been through, but I won’t say the same about a 3 year old kid. You might get into a relationship because you saw it on TV and thought it’d be good to try, whilst I would want to try dating because that one girl was attractive to me. You see, in this so complex world, we live different sun kisses even if our stories tend to be the same, we encounter a mile of paths and we grow along the problems we face, those most lessons we learn cover our bases of how we should react, feel, decide and mostly act on certain situations. To my lowest knowledge, i tried to summon every super endeavor in me to understand what drives most of our actions, what do we look up to before we choose what we choose, what is the thing that makes us who we are. A great scientist once started his new venture of understanding and finding one theory of everything, a theory that would explain all action done on us or by us, one equation to solve it all. Well today, I thought of my equation. This is my different kind of… Theory of Everything.

We are humans, and that only is sufficient enough to make you realize that we are the only theories of what happens to us. If you are good to people, they will feel good and they will most likely return the favor. If i compliment you on your work, you’ll get motivated to work more, and if someone treats you bad, you’ll turn to a life of daily sad dissing quotes on your socials. Our actions as we use to say, have consequences. You’ll wonder what makes people act the way they do, say what they say, well I actually discovered the landmark, and it is our feelings. We feel love, we feel hate, we feel confused and we all feel amazing the time we cover ourselves in our bed-sheets. Everything in our lives is governed emotions. The feelings you create in someone by words or actions or simple love are the ones that really control their minds, and I hope we really start creating good emotions in us and our friends.

Heartstrings are the most self-precious part of us. The feels you get when people remember your birth date makes you smile isn’t?  Also, to obvious conclusions the esteem to feel that you are a center of a topic can drive you mad. When we realize that we have something special to offer others, it motivates us to really work on it and perfect it and in the end get recognized for it. So when there is someone or something that gets people’s attention than you, we start doing things that we didn’t think we were capable of. We constantly search of a new thing to bring to light, it kills us inside. We really should get hold of our chords. In the end, the feelings we acquire through the day pushes our decisions and actions accordingly.

That’s not all. Most of us are driven to becoming something greater, perhaps successful, rich, and happy. All these sensations we wake up with are the mere reflection of who we are or want to be. I am pushed further because of the need to my family proud. You definitely strive more towards your goals because you have this rush of having a better life, or simply because you need the kind of feelings that people look up to you, that people envy you; all to say that we are not just pushed by our feelings wherever they come from, but also by the need to feel those emotions. I am glamorous when a random person comes to me and say I’m a fan of your work. They just said a word but it created a whole round of emotions and mood that will spark me to feel empowered and amazing, inspired and ready to do more just to end up having many more strangers shout the same words he/she told me. Understanding this just opens up your mind to realize that people pursue their careers from this need of being famous, they sing their heart out, bring the drama to your home computer, create stories and fight racism with the hope that people will feel guilty of discriminating others and so on. It all just comes down to this… feelings.

There is no permanent theory of everything, not always, not for everyone. Today your heart might be the theory, next year it won’t be, today your soul might be the push away, tomorrow you’d have changed your mind. There is for sure one theory that explains everything, the whys and the hows, the relationships and so on, that theory is simply in your reach now. Remember this, the big moments that define our lives are gone in seconds, and we search for others to refill the gap of what was once the best sensations ever. The need of reliving some good memories drives us to the ends of the world at least the ends we can afford to get to. Of course, we live different journeys and experience a whole lot of things including the people you meet, the lessons you learn, the feelings you come across, and everything we can’t just imagine, but we all are pulled to things for feeling them, or feeling ourselves in them.

So go live your life, choose whatever you want to be or do, suffer and recover, be there for others, be there for you, decide what makes you happy or what makes you go further in life because your heart is the drive through, enjoy every blast of childhood and adulthood, reach out for help, share your views to the world, be weird or do you( even though honestly we are all weird), take opportunities, get the car, get the money, get the girl. If you feel free and amazing in some place, stay there but slowly find other places and people you can afford to be your real self with. We have so much we don’t understand or don’t know how to understand, but we evolve and find new ocean waves to sail to. All the things grow, they are destined to change. You are amazing and need to always hold on to that, you are not a product of what you choose as they like to say, you are rather a lighthouse of what you feel and need to feel; decisions come accordingly to those emotions. Well to answer your question of what pushes a 3 year old baby’s actions, I think you have your answer but in case it is the need to feel some love from his/her mother but let’s be honest you too still need that kind of feeling. I really burned my nerves on this piece and I think I might turn it in a really good book but for now this is alright.

Let’s do it one last time, the need to feel you are important or can do anything you want is the drive through. All in all my thoughts brought me to this equation, and I think until someone discovers a better one, I’m the sole explorer, just don’t forget dear, Feelings are the one and only Theory of Everything!



18 thoughts on “A Different kind of… Theory of Everything

  1. This is really a great piece and definitely deserves to be a book! I wrote one post once: do we really do it solely for ourselves? and the result was there’s always someone who motivates us, a feeling to be wanted, loved, makes someone proud…Yes I agree that what we make people feel can build or destroy their lives..we keep hearing that we need to do it for ourselves, we need to be enough but I don’t know how feasible is that…I believe that sometimes we can conquer the world for one smile!
    thank you for sharing


  2. You’re right,

    we all need to feel useful.
    We were all born without knowing the purpose of our presence on earth, and we don’t have any control on life, on how many years we’re gonna live, or on death itself.
    We just search for a meaning to our lives, hopping to be remembered for something, or leaving something behind.

    Haha! When you think about it it’s ironic. The human lives to search for a meaning to his life.


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