Mint Julep

Now and then, in the course of the century, a great man of science, like Darwin; a great poet, like Shakespeare; a fine critical spirit, like LeBron James; a supreme artist, like Da Vinci, has been able to isolate himself, to keep himself out of reach of the clamorous claims of others, to stand ‘under the shelter of the wall,’ as Plato puts it, and so to realize the perfection of what was in him, to his own incomparable gain, and to the incomparable and lasting gain of the whole world.  These, however, are exceptions.  The majority of people spoil their lives by an unhealthy and exaggerated altruism—are forced, indeed, so to spoil them.  They find themselves surrounded by hideous poverty, by hideous ugliness, by hideous starvation‒metaphorically speaking.

In each person’s story, decisions are crucial. Some individuals spend most of their lives unlocking themselves to be better versions, others however, live through the moments. Understanding what they are or can, is not really a thing to them; having a normal life‒as most call it, is enough. Who can blame them? Some are terrified to the idea of finding they are particularly good at nothing, that scares them enough to not dig in it. Others the mere idea of being good at something has leveled up to being many and still coming; because they believe there is no such thing as talent. The rest though, don’t know what they are amazing at, and often they ignore how to search for it. In the end, people as so different as they are, all have this insecurity. But decisions are made every day and you’ll see it every time you choose to take a latte rather than an espresso, or just by choosing to let go of the past and run to the future; all the choices throughout our days affect our lives significantly, you make them because you believe in them‒and you know they comply with your values.

Those few authorities that succumbed their days with mere study of themselves have not only found their born talents, they found what they loved‒who they loved! They spend time acquiring skills that they didn’t have, they put extra energy into knowing more for their sake and for the world’s. If by any bad fortune, Alexander Graham Bell wouldn’t have created and started the idea of telephones, you wouldn’t be doing what you do with them. People afraid of not having any talent are ignorant enough to be slapped, those not knowing how to find them should be beaten and those that think they are perfect without them must really be sad. Because talent isn’t a born part of someone, it is simply a true understanding of thyself. Along the journey, everyone loves something at every stage of their lives, and later the inspirations get you to create your own art. It is that simple and easy. Taking time to know yourself, to love your body and mind, to have a perspective of your life, to find what you truly love, is the only thing you need. You don’t need to hid in a dark room, but to simply get out of your comfort zone, try many things, be calm enough to observe, acquire knowledge and skills; because if this world is so aroused as we all know, if we can never really know the meaning of life because we always define it with the image of how we or who we are, if we can’t fully understand anything; we may at least choose to dig profoundly into what we can actually hover and reach.

You need to know yourself, not because the intelligence you have can create an antidote of cancer (even though we need that), but because you owe yourself a good life, good friends, an identity and mostly a personality. Because Einstein created his, and now look, you literally study him in physics. You can help, or not‒it’s up to you to choose. But nonetheless, you have talent, and whatever it is, we are wide open to be there for you, inspire you, believe in you and just see how much amazing things you are to accomplish. Sit down often with yourself, think and think, believe that you have something to show; if you do, you’ll have created your personality of good and moral and lucrative essence.

A great author once said “There are two important days of your life…”‒and no, your wedding day isn’t part of it ‒ “The first day is the day you are born, the second is the day you find out why.” See, you need to isolate yourself for a while to know your purpose, you won’t find it by spending days running after money, nor will you by sleeping inadequate hours; find out why you were born by investing in your private property‒ because only then can you understand your full potential. I have come to acknowledge that man always thought that the important thing was to have, and did not know that the important thing is to be.  The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man is. Now, nothing should be able to harm a man except himself.  Nothing should be able to rob a man at all.  What a man really has, is what is in him.  What is outside of him should be a matter of no importance. Think thoroughly about it.

There you go, you deserve being not lost, to find your purpose, create your personality, acquire your talent and show the world your creativity and vison. In the end, by gathering all your nocturnal selves, mind, soul and heart together to create your true neon and glitz; you will be making a perfect “Mint julep”  cocktail‒and trust me, it feels amazing! See you on the other side of your rediscovery!


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