The Cavity of Creativity

In the midst of my generation, creativity has turned out to be harder to bow into than anything else. No one seems to understand what created this mind-obstacle for people to stop cultivating their heads for breathtaking discoveries as in the past. Our minds have grown up to a compartment of thought that there is nothing new to create or invent. In the same time though, there has never been any other era where we were prone to creativity and innovation as this one.

Our elders have shed light on what being skilled and talented could reward us. In their exploration of the unknown, they have realized the world’s greatest achievements. By doing so, everyone was pulled to the facts that finding something new and completely revolutionary, the world would benefit at the same time as the rewards would hop in their lives. Popularity, wisdom-check, respect and most terrifying of them all, happiness. That’s just how it is, that’s how we work. This never-ending cycle of acknowledgment allows people to reflect on past issues and see loopholes that affected them, but it also creates blindness to what’s ahead because we are constantly reflecting on the past and hence people find themselves doing other mistakes in their present. It is a cycle indeed that fools us into comparing our actions to the ones of our friends or rivals, it is this loop that creates role models we will never reach in footsteps, and it is this breakpoint that drives us mad.

Creating something new these days is a hard nutshell. Merely everything is already in motion. I envy those minds whose routines were to observe and see what’s missing. Now what you can do best at is to sit down and write the observations from what those minds created to fill the gaps. Probably the thing we are left with is innovation but trust me, that also isn’t an easy task to achieve. I’ve worked with fashion designers who wanted to change the industry by creating robes not only to wear but also to get out certain messages to the ones seeing it. I’ve seen campaigns that gave people gifts and at the same time accepting funds for a charitable cause. This ambition in people definitely has benefited what I’d call end users of everything. The ones that use companies’ products or services. It is a fight out here. The rush of getting higher structures of creativity and innovation into the world is a no brainer. But if we are constantly telling ourselves there is nothing new to create or discover, we might as well become children all our lives. And this goes by saying that people convinced everything is already created are mostly those with no belief in what they decided to pursue.

All in all, the rational approach to innovating what you believe in, is probably the one stopping you. The initiations that push us to check on our dead or alive role models for inspiration is definitely tremendous but useless. The ideas you need are in your head but you limit yourself by not working on your art or passion. You offer yourself gratitude for the small things achieved and forget that you are capable of more. They too—I mean past geniuses— didn’t have someone to check on for motivation or appreciation. There is a lot of theories of science, art, sports, and many more to discover or master. Waking up to just be an end user won’t help at all. Don’t do it for the rewards though, pursue it because you are passionate about it and believe in it. This generation definitely needs a push, our minds need better understanding and knowledge.

Last but not least, the idealist will say this: “An unfair means to be happy is nothing but a utopian scheme that can never be a reality but will always remain a dream.”


16 thoughts on “The Cavity of Creativity

    1. I agree. But the fact is people tend to spend more time acquiring all that knowledge than actually using it. That kind of fright is the problem we are facing these days. And the mere fact that more people these days believe there is nothing new to come up with really deteriorates this generation!

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      1. You get your chance to use your knowledge when you get older. Get as much as possible and never stop trying. Your generation has even more to draw from. You’ll see, your generation will do great things without fear. And the more thoughtful people, like yourself, will make it happen. Don’t believe the naysayers.


      2. I do believe it too. They will accomplish big things, but they still need to be taught to overcome their fear of rejection or failure. You really are widening my mind, thank you.

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      3. After you face enough rejection it doesn’t bother you as much. Then you can reject them in advance. You say pfffft, I’m not entering. it’s not worth the money. It’s liberating. You continue to do what you want to do without their approval.


      4. Exactly! This is a torment we are facing hardcore in these days. Every grand Discovery brings both white and black sides and they are not necessarily equal. But can we overcome it is the question here! Thanks for pointing that out!


  1. It’s getting really harder these days where you feel there’s a lot of everything and we are more receiving than creating…We should look inside and focus as we should embrace our ideas and innovation and never hold ourselves back
    Thanks for sharing 👍


    1. Yeah, a lot of people are learning faster to create new things but on the actual arrival to that stage, they fade away into fear, disbelief and such. Glad you had the idea behind all that crappy writing 😂
      Thanks for Reading.

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